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Food Bank of Alaska believes that no one deserves to be hungry. Since 1979. we have been securing donated food for nonprofit agencies to distribute to hungry Alaskans. If you would like to tour our facilities and see firsthand how we distribute millions of pounds of food across the state, please call us at (907) 272-3663.

  • How one family overcame homelessness

    ...and gave back. A story told by Kathleen VanVoorhis, Food Bank of Alaska Director of Food Programs. ..

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  • Meet Alicia

    “One of the first questions I have. . . I ask point blank, ‘Have you eaten?’” says Attorney Alicia Porter, speaking of her clients. She’s a state conflict attorney for parents in Anchorage and before that served in the state attorney’s office in ..

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  • Meet Donna and John

    Both John Letourneau and Donna Goldsmith agree that nothing in life is more basic than food and shelter and that is why supporting Food Bank of Alaska matters to them. “We are keenly aware of how lucky we are,” says Donna. “It happens so easily t..

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  • Meet Edna

    Many of our senior citizens struggle with food insecurities on an ongoing basis. Some seniors not only have to worry about where their next meal would be coming from, but also about where their children and grandchildren’s next meal will be comin..

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  • Meet Glade

    It’s hard to believe that approximately 40 percent of the food produced in the U.S. goes to waste. Of that wasted food, 97 percent will end up in landfills across the country. In the meantime, almost 50 million Americans live in food insecur..

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  • Meet Hank

    Hank is one of the volunteers at the Downtown Soup Kitchen, but there was a time when Hank found himself on the other side of the counter. “I’ve been blessed by being able to come here when I needed the help,” said Hank. “Now, I’m able to help gi..

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  • Meet Helen

    Helen and her husband are both veterans. Middle aged, they both have had full careers, but fell on hard times recently and moved back to Alaska in search of work. Not having any luck finding a job, they tried to apply for SNAP benefits, only to f..

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  • Meet Teresita

    "I was working over at the Post Office. I've been there 20-something years, and I got diagnosed with cancer in 2011. From there, I've been struggling. . .believe me, I'd be out there working if they would let me go back." The sudden loss of a job..

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  • Meet Timothy

    Many Americans find themselves in tough times, having to make hard choices when the income is less than the bills coming in. Times are particularly hard on some of our veterans who sometimes have to make choices between paying the rent, paying fo..

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