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Senate Passes Farm Bill

Bill protects food assistance for low-income Alaskans, rejects cuts to the SNAP program

June 28, 2018

Statement attributed to Jim Baldwin, Chief Executive Officer, Food Bank of Alaska

The overwhelmingly bipartisan vote today in favor of the Senate farm bill demonstrates that a farm bill that protects food assistance for low-income Alaskans is the right way forward. In contrast to the partisan House farm bill narrowly passed last week, which would take away food assistance from millions of Americans through cuts and harmful changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the Senate farm bill protects and strengthens this critical program. The Senate bill affirms that SNAP is one of our nation’s most powerful and effective poverty-reduction programs, and it builds on the strong history of SNAP supporting work by dedicating more funding for states to try innovative solutions to helping SNAP participants get and keep a job.

We commend Senator Murkowski and Senator Sullivan for supporting the Senate farm bill and rejecting an amendment that would have taken away food assistance from many Alaskans and imposed burdensome requirements on SNAP participants and our state. As the House and Senate now turn to negotiating a final version of the farm bill in conference, we urge our Senators to continue standing up for Alaskans by working with their colleagues to ensure that the final version also protects SNAP.

The best outcome for our state is a strong, bipartisan farm bill that protects SNAP. The Senate farm bill meets these criteria, and it is now up to all lawmakers to ensure that the conference bill does the same.

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