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Help Stop the Proposed Cuts to Senior Benefits


Daniel is an Alaskan senior who relies on the support from the Senior Benefits Program and other supplemental programs to get by. Daniel came to Alaska in 1972 from Chicago to seek opportunity in Nome, Alaska and has lived in the state ever since. He has worked various seasonal jobs, including as an ice road trucker in the winter and in the restaurant industry over the summer. However, as he grew older there were less available jobs for him in the state.

When Daniel was 62, he was diagnosed with COPD, Diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. These conditions have made life extremely hard for him. He is unable to work and does not have any family to help support him. That is why, when Daniel was forced to leave his home this year after it was destroyed in a house fire, he had to rely on the support of the community to get back on his feet.

Communities are stronger when they have access to critical basic needs programs to support their friends and neighbors. Daniel relies on the Senior Benefits program to purchase groceries and other necessities, such as medicine. Currently, he struggles to find help and would not have substantial support without this program. Without the help of the Senior Benefits Program he would have to make hard choices between healthy food and medication.

The Senior Benefits Program allows for seniors like Daniel to have both: food AND medicine. Overall the program improves the quality of life on a day to day basis for Daniel and seniors across the state.

Senior citizens are one of the fastest growing and most vulnerable of populations we serve. Without the support of the Senior Benefits Program, many senior citizens will face greater barriers accessing nutritional food, transportation, and necessary medical care. The Governor's proposed budget includes eliminating funding and repealing the Senior Benefits Program which serves over 11,000 seniors in Alaska.   

We need you to take action on the proposed cuts to the Senior Benefits Program. Help us take action today by contacting your legislator, or by sharing your story on how the Senior Benefits Program affects you or your community. 

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Need help crafting your message to state lawmakers? Here are some resources to get you started.

Are you interested in getting more involved with the campaign to stop cuts to the Senior Benefits Program? Learn how you can make a difference for Alaskan seniors across the state and in your community by sharing your story. To learn more about the campaign, find out more about how you can take action, or share your story on how the Senior Benefits Program affects you, contact Moira Pyhala, Community Engagement Coordinator at