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How declining wages force working Alaskans to seek free leftover food

Excerpt from Alaska Dispatch News article by Charles Wohlforth:

Occasionally I have to put off paying a bill, but I've never had trouble buying food for my family. On a recent Saturday afternoon, I met a lot of Anchorage neighbors who do.

The Anchorage East Rotary Club invited me to its Mobile Food Pantry giveaway. I thought I'd be writing about the Rotarians. I knew many of the two dozen business people and retirees behind the tables, friends I've often met at functions and meetings. I guess they're just like me.

I thought the people on the other side of the tables with shopping bags and luggage carts would be the destitute poor or victims of temporary emergencies.

I discovered they were just like me, too.

A shocking number of the Alaskans who work full-time jobs cannot afford food and routinely humble themselves at these giveaways of browning grocery store produce and baked goods on the verge of staleness, despite putting in many hours on the job.

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