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Many hands and hearts fed 10,000 families

 Donors, volunteers, the faith-based community, sponsors, and Food Bank of Alaska came together to celebrate Thanksgiving by providing nearly 10,000 families with nutritious meals for the holiday. Having groceries meant these hard-pressed families in Anchorage and Mat-Su Valley had one less thing to worry about.

One family said that Blessing meant that "we can afford the food we need," and "we wouldn't be able to have dinner without it." "It means not going hungry for the holidays," said another. We heard stories about gas going up, electric and heat bills rising during the winter, and layoffs in seasonal work making this time of year especially difficult, even as it is supposed to be a time of celebration.

"I'm a single mother of four boys and I am in recovery from cancer," said one woman at Blessing. "If it wasn't for your program I wouldn't know how I would be able to make my holidays possible for my boys."

Thank you for making the holidays a time of joy and gratitude.

Young volunteers help set up for Thanksgiving Blessing in Mountain View.

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Reporter Jacob Mann summed up the event especially well. The full story of "A Tradition of Giving," the Frontiersman's report of Blessing in the Valley can be found here.  

WASILLA — Thanksgiving is right around the corner and there appears to be a growing need for food on the table. Food insecurity isn’t a new problem in the Valley, but according to numerous sources, the amount of people in need is ever-increasing. There’s a wave of volunteer groups and organizations on the front lines, combatting this food crisis with care and canned goods, frozen turkeys and easy recipes. Saturday, across the Valley, thousands received a “Thanksgiving Blessing,” courtesy of the faith community, Food Bank of Alaska and various partners.

Six churches from Palmer to Trapper Creek participated in the annual food giveaway. Families and individuals lined up for a set of groceries to complete a Thanksgiving meal, complete with a turkey, canned vegetables, rolls, apples, potatoes, gravy mix, and other fixings. Each turkey even came with a roasting pan. The groceries were provided at no cost and there were no hoops to jump through — proving need wasn’t necessary.