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With your donation, Food Bank of Alaska serves almost 100,000 meals to kids each year through summer, after-school, and in-school programs.

When you apply for your PFD this year, don't forget to give back to the nonprofits that keep Alaska healthy and active. Your support of Food Bank of Alaska through your 2018 dividend nourishes kids and families across the state every single day. 

We created this video to celebrate how much of a difference your Pick.Click.Give donation makes in communities across the state through efforts like the summer meals program. Videographer Brant Olson traveled to Golovin, a village of almost 200 people about 60 miles east of Nome, to hear what elders, teachers, and kids had to say abut its impact. In communities that are supported by in-school breakfast and lunch during the academic year, summers can leave a gap. Programs such as the Summer Meals Program not only serve to nourish kids during the school break, but often serve as a foundation for summer learning programs.

 "This work is important to me because it makes the children's bellies happy and puts a smile on everybody's face. At the end of the day, they're always thankful for the food."

-Kirstie Ione, Kawerak Family Services and Golovin resident.

 Here's the full video with interviews from Golovin that Brant Olsen produced.


 Thank you for your support!

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