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Its New! #GiveHealthy

New! Give food online through #GiveHealthy

Help us meet our 2,000-pound goal by November 16 or organize your own #GiveHealthy food drive.
Give online and #GiveHealthy will deliver nutritious food to Food Bank of Alaska.


The #GiveHealthy movement is made possible by the combination of technology and the growing support of our partners who are among the nation’s leaders devoted to providing access to healthier food and reducing food insecurity in the US. (see Our Partners)

#GiveHealthy uses technology so that people can donate fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and other healthy food that matches what local hunger-relief organizations need, wherever those organizations are located in the US, and yes... even Alaska.

  • Give us a few pieces of information about your food drive and we’ll set up a webpage for your drive
  • Reach out to your community with a link to your webpage
  • The items available on your drive will be based on the needs of the hunger organization that you are supporting
  • We deliver all of the food for you to the organization you are supporting — at NO COST
  • Super easy!