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The Ripple Effects of Giving Back

by Sarah Glaser

I met Max when he was volunteering for Hatcher Alpine Xperience last fall. I was tabling on behalf of Food Bank of Alaska, and when Max and I struck up a conversation he told me how important food pantries had been to him years ago. Max explained that when he was in his 20s, he moved to Alaska. He and his future wife stepped off of a ferry in Juneau. She had a job; he was looking for one. Those first months were especially tight, and sometimes they used the food pantry there to get food. Max is now an engineer and business owner. His company, All Points North, provides services out of Palmer.

Max's story resonated with me because I got (and continue to receive) so many pieces of help and love from my neighborhood in Moose Pass. The work we do in our neighborhoods and communities leads to wonderful and unexpected things.


Here's the video. It makes me so happy to be able to showcase stories of wonderful people in the community.

Cale Green did a fantastic job with the filming and production. Look at those drone shots! He was also the coach, storyteller, and provided wonderful company for the drive to and from Palmer.

Good luck, Hatcher Alpine Xperience! And a huge THANK YOU to Max for allowing us to stick a camera in your face for a few hours.