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Food Bank's: "Meating the Need" Campaign



Hunters and Fisherman: Help us "Meat" the Need

Food Bank of Alaska welcomes gifts of moose, caribou, deer and sheep meat, as well as salmon and halibut.


Hunters who would like to donate should complete the State of Alaska Transfer of Possession Form, deliver their meat to a commercial processor, and notify the Food Donation Coordinator at Food Bank of Alaska, 907-222-3115.

Food Bank of Alaska pays for meat to be processed into 1-pound ground meat packages that are easiest for hungry families to use.

Northern Air Cargo will transport meat to Anchorage from rural locations free of charge (contact: Janet Klatt, or

*Please note we do not accept shellfish, bear, whale, or seal meat due to health risks.

NOTE: Food Bank of Alaska can distribute only commercially processed meat or other commercially canned items. We cannot accept home-canned or home vacuum sealed meat or fish.