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ConocoPhillips to Match $20,000

You can be a friend to your hungry neighbors - Pick Click Give to Food Bank of Alaska from your 2017 PFD, and ConocoPhillips Alaska will match donations up to $20,000. You will be filling plates to nourish Alaskan communities.


Already applied for your PFD? You can still add a gift

 Even if you’ve already completed your PFD application, you can go back to and add a gift. Here’s how:

  • 1.At, click the green Pick.Click.Give. button
  • 2.Then, click Yes, Proceed
  • 3.Next, fill in Name, SSN and other required identifying information and click Submit Search
  • 4.Under 2017 Application, click Details
  • 5.Click Add or Change your Pick.Click.Give. Donation
  • 6.Search for Food Bank of Alaska andclick Add Pledge
  • 7.Choose the amount of your pledge, then repeat for any other charities you’d like to support.