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Organize a Food Drive

We rely on people like you to sponsor food drives throughout the year to benefit your neighbors in need. Food drives can be organized in your neighborhood, at work, school, or at club functions. Even if you are not using our barrels for collection, we appreciate knowing about the drives going on, so that we can inform curious callers about the legitimacy of drives they have heard about.

Our Food Donation Coordinator can assist you with food drive tips, shopping lists, flyers, and logistics planning.

We appreciate food drives of all sizes, and we are delighted to support smaller food drives by providing barrels and helpful materials. Please arrange to have the barrels picked up from and returned to FBA or collect food in boxes which are easier to move. FBA will only deliver and/or pick up 3 or more full food collection barrels.

Thank you for helping us feed as many of our hungry neighbors as possible with our resources!

Planning a small food drive? (fewer than 3 barrels/475 lbs. per location)
Planning a large food drive? (3 or more barrels per location/475 lbs. per location)

Need more information?
Contact our Food Donation Coordinator or call our main line at (907) 272-3663.