Organize a Food or Fund Drive

Alaskans come together to meet a community need


You can help to keep Food Bank of Alaska’s shelves stocked with a variety of nutritious foods by organizing a food drive. Food drives are important year-round and especially so in spring and summer when donations are low. If you're organizing a food drive, consider giving people the opportunity to give both food and funds. Community groups, places of worship, schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods all are great places to organize a drive. You can even enlist family and friends to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion with a food drive.

Fund drives allow Food Bank of Alaska to take the donated funds and get the most food possible out to our partners feeding their neighbors in need. 

Here are examples of what your donation can accomplish – 

$35 buys 110 cans of peas
$100 means 70 boxes of healthy cereal
$250 buys 200 5-pound bags of apples
$500 ships 810 children’s meals to Noorvik
$1,000 pays for a week of Mobile Food Pantries


Steps to a Successful Food and Fund Drive

  1. Plan your food drive. There are lots of things to consider when planning a food drive. Will you collect non-perishable food only or would you like to also collect funds so Food Bank of Alaska can leverage its food purchasing power? How long will the drive last? What containers will you use to collect the food? How will you encourage people to participate? How can you incorporate fun or friendly competition into the drive? If you need help, ask Food Donation Coordinator Mark Redmon at 222-3115, Food Bank of Alaska loves food and fund drives large and small!

  2. Register your drive. Please fill out this form to let us know about your food drive. We have food drive barrels to lend and can give you tips on how to make your drive a success.  

  3. Hold your food drive. Now is your chance to get your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors involved. Every 1.2 pounds of food you collect is the equivalent of a meal for one person. With every $1 donated we can leverage your funds and help secure up to 4 meals. Making sure Alaskans have enough to eat – now that is a reason to be excited!

  4. Deliver your donations to Food Bank of Alaska’s Warehouse. Dropping off your food helps to maximize the value of your donation and keeps our trucks out on the road collecting food from the food industry and getting food out to families who need it most. If you have collected 500 pounds of food or more and cannot deliver it, please contact our Food Donation Coordinator, 222-3115,, and arrange for pick-up assistance.