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Nourish Alaska’s Future

A project so the next generation of Alaskans doesn’t have to worry about having enough to eat.

You share the belief that no child, family, senior, or veteran should go hungry.

Unfortunately, as Alaska has grown, the hunger need has grown as well. When Food Bank of Alaska moved into our current warehouse in the Ship Creek area of Anchorage 25 years ago, we were distributing 2-3 million pounds of food a year. Last year we distributed 7.5 million pounds throughout the state.

Our current warehouse is now an obstacle to reaching our goals to:

  • Meet the hunger need statewide with more and healthier food, and
  • Close the meal gap, working together with the whole community.

With the Nourish Alaska’s Future project, Food Bank of Alaska will purchase, remodel, and equip a larger, more efficient warehouse to provide the needed working space to meet these goals for the next generation of Alaskans.

Our ideal new home will include:

  • double the capacity to receive, store and ship food and a more efficient storage system,
  • expanded cooler and freezer space so we can store and distribute more healthy, fresh food and waste less,
  • dedicated volunteer workspace, so volunteers can help when needed throughout the week without interfering with operations,
  • an area for staging and shipping to rural Alaska to reach more communities in need,
  • a dedicated, well-designed “shopping” area for partner food agencies,
  • room to re-package bulk food that we can’t accept now as well as to preserve food, and
  • enough meeting space to bring the community together and to respond creatively to opportunities and emergency needs that arise.

You might not have heard much about this campaign. We will be reaching out to loyal donors and to the community at large in Summer 2020. Our hope is to raise all the money that is needed and move into our new home by January 2021.

If you’d like to talk with us about the Nourish Alaska’s Future campaign, call or email Karla Jutzi, Donor Relations & Capital Campaign Manager at, 907-222-3112.