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Protect Programs for Low-Income Alaskans

So much is at stake in the operating budget vetoes that were proposed by the Governor earlier this legislative session. Access to affordable healthcare through Medicaid, shelter and care for homeless citizens, and support for low-income seniors through the Senior Benefits Program are included in these drastic cuts. It is clear that without these programs, low-income Alaskans are at risk of losing access to their most basic needs. And when basic needs programs are cut, people in need turn to the anti-hunger network for help. Our network will not able to fill the huge resource gap left by these cuts. 

Since these budget cuts were introduced, Alaskans across the state have worked together to preserve the programs that our citizens and state depend on most. Although we as a state have worked hard to stand up for vulnerable communities here in Alaska, our work is not done. Now, more than ever it is critical that we continue to urge our elected officials to do what is right for the citizens of Alaska.

Take action to protect programs that help seniors, kids, and low-income Alaskans make ends meet.

Contact your legislators. It is critical that our legislators hear from Alaskans who are affected by the budget cuts. Need help finding your legislator and how to get in contact with them? Visit and enter your address in the “Who Represents Me?” box at the bottom.

Contact the Governor. Call or email the Governor’s office today and urge him to pass House Bill 2002 and Senate Bill 2001. Click here to find the contact information for the Governor: